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Why Every
Needs a Website

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Are you unhappy with the way your current website looks?

♦   OR   ♦

Have you been considering a Website for your Business
But you are deterred by the costs?

As a startup web design firm in Wisconsin Rapids
I'm offering a great deal

Take A Look At This

  • A 3-Page Website
  • Hosting For One Year
  • Your Own Domain Name (www.yourpage.com)
  • Full Website Design, with Error Free Code
  • A personal visit to your business
    (Wisconsin Rapids & Outlying Area only)
  • Three Free updates to your site throughout the year

All For Only $299.00 per Year

Give me a Call and we'll get started on your New Website Today

(715)323-1923 or Email Me

Here's What You Are Getting

A 3 Page Website

This is a great way to establish your business on the internet. More and more people each day use the internet to locate the products and services they desire. A simple website is all that is needed to get noticed by these customers and begin driving traffic to your store from all over the Wisconsin Rapids / Stevens Point area.

Additional pages can be designed and added for an additional $25.00 per page. I am trying to keep my projects simple at this point, as such I am only interested in clients looking for a maximum of a five page site.

Hosting For One Year and Your Own Domain Name

Annual hosting fees are $299.00 per year, this includes your own domain name
Example: www.yourpage.com
Not someone else's sub domain
Example: www.theirpage.com/yourpage.htm

There is no contract to fulfill, you are billed once per year and you can cancel your service, or transfer your service at anytime.

There is no limit to the size of pages, files, or images you would like to display.

Website Design, Error Free Coding

I don't use a Website Editor or HTML Editor to create your site. I am proficient in XHTML and CSS2 code, this ensures your site will look nearly identical both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

I also test Opera and Safari on my pages to ensure they display correctly. Your webpage is guaranteed to pass W3C standard tests for both XHTML 1.0 and CSS2, this is important when it comes to getting your site to show up on Google and Yahoo search engines.

I am a stickler for layout, lists will line up properly, links will be displayed correctly, the layout will look clean and be easy for your customers to navigate and read.

A Personal Visit to Your Business, Central Wisconsin Area Only

I have tons of examples and layouts available to use as springboards to custom design your site to acheive the feel and look that you desire. I want to come by and visit your business so I can get a clear picture of exactly where you are and what you do. I'm not interested in making cookie cutter websites, I'm looking for clients who want a website that is as unique as their business.

You will notice the benefits of hiring a local designer right away. Rather than trying to explain your business over the phone to someone, somewhere, you will be able to discusss your business and website with someone who has lived in Wisconsin Rapids for almost 30 years. If you have any questions throughout the entire process I'm only a phone call away.

Three Free Updates Through the Year

After your site is designed, you aren't tied to it for the whole year. I'm willing to update any one or all of your pages up to three times a year, for free.

Maybe you opened a second location, changed your store hours, added another product line, or are planning a special promotion for a holiday. You can use the updates for whatever you like.

The first three updates are free, and you can use them whenever you would like. If you would like to update more often the charge is $15.00 per update, for as many and as often as you wish.

If you can find a better deal on a website in Wisconsin Rapids take it.
$299.00 a Year is a Steal, and all the work is done for you

Please don't hesitate to call me I'm eager to get started with you today

(715)323-1923 or Email Me


Mike Federwitz

9631 Hwy 13 South Suite 5

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Let's make Wisconsin Rapids stand out on the Web